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Each link in that chain survived countless close calls with everything from drought to predatory stoneflies to deer hooves, and--GULP--you just watched the grand finale, an ancient lineage ended in one slurp by a 7-inch brook trout. It's far more interesting than, "A brown bug just flew by." Fly fishing can be about even more than these good stories, though (or about catching fish, or just enjoying how pretty it all is). Some enjoy crosswords or Sudoku, or even mathematical proofs.I like watching a trout's every move and trying to figure each one out.Every fish and insect is the lead character in its own story, a story we glimpse only briefly as we cross paths on the river.Scientific details help us see the rest of the story, making our piece of it more meaningful.I gotta tell ya you guys up in the North East must have some vary long winters.

It just came up to the surface and hovered for a few seconds without seeming to grab anything -- why? My favorite is the question of why trout sometimes key in on a hatch of tiny mayflies like Tricos and ignore bigger, meatier morsels during that time. I collect trout stream insects and pictures of them.For example, look at Konchu's recent topic about parthenogenesis in Brown Duns, is one of only a few mayflies that can do it.It's pretty hard to imagine this knowledge ever helping someone catch an extra trout.This site welcomes anglers with all motivations, but my vision for it is to be a special haven for those who indulge in the sport's complexity.We will continue to proudly discuss Latin names, the proper thickness of realistic thread legs, and the obscure behavior and anatomy of insects.

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I also found Jason's analogy to watching a clip from a show entertaining and instructive.