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There will be a point approximately half way round that you will be able to retire early. We constantly monitor the weather forecast in the lead up to and throughout the day of the event so that if the weather is particularly bad, we can amend the walking route.

We reserve the right to enforce a cut off and not allow participants to complete the second lap if they have not reached it by a certain time. Please dress appropriately and wear sensible footwear.

It has generally been seen between August and November.

If owners are concerned or would like to know more, please go the Animal Health Trust’s website for further information.

The sponsorship money you raise will help your local Marie Curie Nurses provide more free care to people living with terminal illnesses in their own homes.

We therefore have a recommended fundraising target of £100 per participant, which will pay for five hours of care.

You can pay your fundraising and sponsorship money in a way that is convenient for you: either online via Just Giving, by post or by phone.

We cannot process money on the day of the walk so please do not bring sponsorship money to the event.

Please be aware that there have been known instances of Seasonal Canine Illness in clusters across the UK.

Yes, all walkers must have finished the walk by 10pm.

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She, and her daughter Caithlan, both took part last year in memory of Lisa's Father, Caithlan's Grandfather, Jimmy, who died of cancer over 20 years ago. Lisa said "Walk Ten was a great event, a beautiful walk in great surroundings with so many people supporting Marie Curie.

We found the end very emotional - listening to the nurse speak and watching the fireworks."Lisa has volunteered for Marie Curie for over 2 years now, a role which she absolutely loves.

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