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“If you like beautiful clothes, you like beautiful clothes." ’m extremely glad there are new plus size lines hitting the market all the time.I want diversity, variety and a range of price points, so I’m glad that a brand like Coverstory is now manufacturing chic, modern, sexy clothes (and hopefully a gingham shirt dress soon? I just wish they were more proud of the fact they’re making plus size clothes.Things are already difficult enough for plus size shoppers, who face a limited selection that generally has to be ordered online.What we need, then, is not greater distance, squeamishness and ‘sanitisation’ around clothing above a size 18, but an honest confrontation of the stigma and deliberate exclusion of women above a size 18.Modcloth got rid of its distinction between plus and not-plus sizes in its website navigation (yet still only makes a selection of its range in plus sizes), a sportswear company that stocks plus sizes now uses flower names rather than number sizing (yes, really - a ‘Willow’ is a UK size 8-10, presumably because thin people are willowy), and new plus size brand Coverstory deliberately doesn't refer to itself as a plus size brand anywhere on its site - despite the fact it only sells clothes for women sized between UK 16-32.

Facebook banned an advert for a body positivity talk which featured her earlier this week, saying it violated their advertising standards for promoting an “unhealthy” image.It’s important to note that the plus size market is not a niche, negligible area of business.The average dress size in the UK is 16 and, as a result, the plus size market constitutes 12.4% of all clothing sales and is worth in excess of £5 billion while a quarter of UK women have bought plus-size clothing in the past year.Why do retailers pretend that women above a size 24 simply do not exist?Will Tess Holliday remain the only visible plus size model above a size 18?

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