Consolidating debt with fnb

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Consolidating debt with fnb

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• Small loans (up to R15 000) Easier To Obtain but Higher Interest Rates • Large loans (up to R1 000 000) Harder To Obtain but Lower Interest Rates • Short term loans (up to 6 months) Easier To Obtain but Higher Interest Rates • Long term loans (up to 60 months) Harder To Obtain but Lower Interest Rates • Consolidation Loans (Reduce overall payments by paying ONE loan, & which could include a cash pay-out too) Are you South African citizen struggling to get a loan ?

The bank is a subsidiary of its holding company called African Bank Investments Limited (Abil).

The bank has been placed under curatorship by the South African Reserve Bank 4pm of August 2014.

You may be looking for a personal loan or consolidation loan; we can help you find out the best deal that suits your requirements.African Bank are committed to deliver products and services that surpass customer expectations in value and every aspect of customer services, while remaining to be prudent and trustworthy stewards of their wealth.The company offers savings and investments products, such as fixed deposits, notice deposits, regular investment products, and fixed income products.AFRICAN BANK Overview African Bank Limited (ABL), usually referred to as African Bank, is situated in Midrand, South Africa.It is a commercial bank in South Africa licensed as a “locally-controlled bank” by the Reserve Bank of South Africa.

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